Flow Filter Fight Competition Rules


You can apply for the contest through the following link: https://tixa.hu/first-flow-filter-fight. Only applications verified by tixa.hu are considered valid. Registration is now closed!

The application fee is HUF 10 000 (VAT included), which covers the whole-bean coffee used during the competition and 200 g that can be used for individual preparation. Tixa.hu charges HUF 400 / 890 handling / shipping fee depending on the method of recieving the ticket.

If a competitor wants to withdraw they can do so by sending an email to [email protected].

The maximum number of competitors is 36.

Time and Location

The competition will take place on Sunday, March 10, 2019 10:00 AM, at Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 66.

Competition Summary

The competition consists of 3 rounds: preliminaries, semifinals and finals. It starts at 10am on the 10th of March, 2019 and ends on the same day after the finals. Out of the 36 competitors 12 will qualify for the semifinals and from there 4 for the finals.

In each round, the competitors will have to prepare one filter coffee drink for the judges (min. 150 g in the preliminaries and the semifinal, and min. 250 g in the final), using the competition coffee. Coffee has to be presented in the vessels provided by the organizers (these are numbered, in a concealed manner, reflecting the table of preparation).

In each round, competitors will have 5 minutess of setup time, and 8 minutes of competition time to prepare the drinks for the judges. During these 8 minutes, the coffee has to be prepared and poured into the vessels. Overtime causes elimination. During competition time, neither helpers nor staff can be at the competition table. It is each competitor's responsibility that the tools they have are functional. If any unforeseen issue arises during, the head judge will have final say about a solution or about the resuming of the competition.


In the preliminaries, competitors with valid registrations will be randomly grouped into 12 groups of 3. From each group, one person will qualify for the semifinals. The winning drink is decided by the judges pointing at their preferred drink. In case of a tie, a fourth judge or the head judge will make the decision.


The 12 semifinalists are again randomly grouped into 4 groups of 3. The same rules apply as in the preliminaries. Same coffee, same timing, same process of elimination.


In the final round, 4 competitors will compete using a different whole bean coffee. They will be given the competition coffee on the spot, and they will have one hour to come up with a recipe. Just like the preliminaries and semifinals, they will have 5 minutes of setup time and 8 mins of competition time, at the end of which they will have to present a 250 g filter coffee drink to the judges. They may use the grinder provided by the organizers or they may use their own devices. The judgment of the finals is done by using scoresheets and the drinks will be scored based on acidity, body, balance, aroma, flavor and aftertaste. The competitors will have to describe the taste of their drinks using a minimum of 2 flavor notes (this will also be scored), but they do not have to present their drinks in any other way. The ranking is decided by the scores of the final round.


Two different whole bean coffees will be used during the competition. One (that competitors will be able to try at home) will be used in the preliminaries and the semifinals, and the other (with one hour of prep time) in the finals.

200 g of the first coffee will be available for pickup at the venue of the competition during opening hours. To pick up the coffee, competitors will have to present their valid registration ticket. Those who cannot pick up the coffee at the venue may ask for shipping provided they cover the costs.


Brewing water is available for competition at the venue, but competitors may also use their own water. The brewing water cannot contain any flavoring and it has to be presented to the organizers.


In this competition, any filter coffee brewing method is allowed, but the competitors have to bring their own tools, paper filters and any other accessories they require. Other than manual brew, auto-brew machines may also be used (eg.: Aromaboy, Cup-One).

Tools provided by the organizers:

  • competition coffee
  • tables
  • brewing water
  • Mahlkönig EK43 grinder (can be used during prep time of the finals and also during the finals)
  • uniform vessels bearing the number of the competition table
  • paper towels


If any problem arises during competition, the head judge, György Antalóczy will be have final say about its solution. Questions prior to the competition can be sent to [email protected] (handled by Boglárka Caup and Ferenc Németh).


The 4 finalists — according ot their placement — will be rewarded with prizes provided by the sponsors of the event. The prizes are objects and services and they cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize.